General Information About the Appointment of DCISC Members

A request for applications is publicly noticed by the CPUC. After receipt of the applications, a list of candidates is selected by the CPUC and provided to the appointing agencies. In accordance with the Restated Charter:

“The President of the CPCU shall review each application to assess the applicant’s qualifications, experience and background, including any conflict of interest and comment received from the public, and shall propose as candidates only persons with knowledge, background and experience in the field of nuclear power facilities and nuclear safety issues who demonstrate they have no conflict of interest.”

In July 1989, when CPUC President G. Mitchell Wilk announced the initial list of nine candidates nominated for appointment to the DCISC, he noted that

“ … an independent safety committee clearly requires members who could demonstrate objectivity and independence. For this reason, none of the nominees has testified for PG&E or any other party before the CPUC or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in any proceeding regarding Diablo Canyon.”

The Restated Charter provides:

“No person shall serve as a member of the Committee if he or she has a prior history of supporting or opposing PG&E as a witness or intervener in nuclear licensing or CPUC proceedings associated with Diablo Canyon.”

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