General Information About the Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee (DCISC)

The DCISC publishes its Annual Report in November or December for the fiscal year ending June 30. In addition to summarizing its activities and review of Diablo Canyon operations, the Annual Report also documents the Members’ conclusions and recommendations regarding Diablo Canyon operational safety.

PG&E provides a written response to each recommendation which is published with the Annual Report. The Committee then reviews PG&E’s response and, if the DCISC is dissatisfied with PG&E’s final response to any recommendation, the DCISC may raise the matter with the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC), with any or all of the Committee Members’ appointing entities or with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).) To date, PG&E has ultimately responded appropriately to each of the DCISC recommendations. The latest Annual Report is available on the DCISC website and all of the DCISC Annual Reports are available for review by any interested members of the public at the Reference Department at the R. E. Kennedy Library, located on the campus of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.

In May of 1997, in response to the electric utility rate deregulation mandated by the California legislature, the CPUC issued a Decision which found that the DCISC remains a key element of monitoring the safe operation of Diablo Canyon. The Decision ordered that the DCISC remain in existence until further order of the CPUC.

DCISC Operation: Public Meetings & Fact-findings

The DCISC typically conducts three public meetings each year in the San Luis Obispo area. Dates, times and locations for these meetings are posted on the Committee’s website, advertised in local newspapers and notices are sent to other news media and those persons who have requested advanced notice of the public meetings. All meetings include an opportunity for the public to address comments and provide information to the Committee Members. PG&E representatives are present to make informational presentations to the Committee on topics requested by the Members. Certain public meetings may include a tour of the plant with the Committee which is open to a limited number of members of the public on a first come first served basis, governmental representatives and members of the media. The meeting agenda and supporting documents, as well as a transcript of discussion at the public meetings, are on file and available to members of the public at the Reference Department at the R. E. Kennedy Library.

The DCISC conducts numerous fact-finding visits by individual Committee Members and consultants to the plant site and to other locations as necessary to assess issues, review plant programs and activities, interview and meet with PG&E management and employees, follow-up on current items on the DCISC’s Open Items List and to identify agenda items for future public meetings. These fact-finding visits generally occupy one or two intensive days of research and investigation concerning PG&E’s current activities and programs. Committee representatives also frequently observe meetings of PG&E’s internal safety review organizations and committees. A detailed written report, summarizing their activities, is prepared for each Fact-finding visit by the participants. Comments concerning these reports are sought from each of the other Members and consultants and, when approved by the Committee at a public meeting, the fact-finding reports are provided to PG&E. Fact-finding Reports are included as a part of the Committee’s Annual Report and represent a valuable and useful tool for the Members, consultants and PG&E. The Committee’s fact-finding visits constitute a vital and important aspect of the Committee’s safety review function.

Public Comment and Communication

The DCISC provides extensive publicly available information concerning Diablo Canyon. Transcripts and minutes of each public meeting and reports of each fact-finding meeting and an extensive annual report on the safety of Diablo Canyon’s operations are available by contacting the committee or at the R. E. Kennedy Library.

The DCISC welcomes comment and communication from members of the public and provides an opportunity for such dialogue during every session of its public meetings. The DCISC administrative office also maintains a toll-free 800 telephone line and an E-mail address to respond to questions or requests for information from members of the public.

Written comments or questions may also be directed to DCISC Members by contacting the office of the DCISCLegal Counsel.

For more information about DCISC contact:

Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee
Office of the Legal Counsel
857 Cass Street, Suite D, Monterey, California 93940
Telephone: in Califonia call 800-439-4688; outside of California call 831-647-1044
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