25th Annual Report, Volume I, Exhibit 8.1, Telephone Calls and E-mails Received by the DCISC

Telephone calls and emails have been received by the DCISC Legal Counsel’s office with questions, concerns and requests for information. During this reporting period, 53 calls and 77 emails were received from individuals. The breakdown of these calls and emails is as follows:

Number of Calls Number of E-mails Reason for Contact
0 63 DCPP issues or nuclear information requests
53  14 Other (administrative, document requests, media, tour requests and miscellaneous)

When requested, answers, responses or documents were provided either during the call, a return call, or by a letter, email or documents from the Committee. The DCISC Telephone/ Correspondence Log which provides a memorandum of contacts initiated by members of the public, citizen or public interest groups, the media or similar organizations is included as Exhibit G.1 and correspondence with the public is included with Exhibit G.2.

The Committee maintains a California toll-free telephone number (800-439-4688), an E-mail address (dcsafety@dcisc.org) and a site on the worldwide web at www.dcisc.org for receiving questions, concerns or information to and from the public. The DCISC has developed an information pamphlet describing the Committee and its function (see Volume II, Exhibit I). The Pamphlet is provided to attendees at DCISC public meetings and plant tours.

For more information contact:

Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee
Office of the Legal Counsel
857 Cass Street, Suite D, Monterey, California 93940
Telephone: in California call 800-439-4688; outside of California call 831-647-1044
Send E-mail to: dcsafety@dcisc.org.