The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Special Studies Final Report with the Final Assessment including the Addendum, prepared by the Bechtel Power Corporation, together with information for the State Water Resources Control Board’s meeting of November 18, 2014 to consider the results and evaluate the need to modify the Once-Through Cooling Policy, may be reviewed at: The DCISC’s Comments on the Bechtel Report together with its Evaluation, dated September 5, 2013, of safety issues for several alternative cooling technologies may be reviewed at that web site with the material for the November 4, 2013, meeting of the Review Committee for Nuclear Fueled Power Plants.

The DCISC approved its Preliminary Evaluation of safety issues for the Addendum to the Final Assessment of Alternate Cooling Technologies or Modifications to Once-Through Cooling at its meeting on October 14, 2014, in Avila Beach, California, and provided its Preliminary Evaluation to the State Water Resources Control Board on October 31, 2014. The Preliminary Evaluation may be reviewed here: October 17, 2014 DCISC Preliminary Evaluation as PDF.

Dr. R. T. Sewell Tsunami Hazard Presentation: Power Point Slides Opens in a new window.

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