Acronyms used at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (DCPP)

The following alphabetical listing contains abbreviations, acronyms, compound words, technical symbols, and spelling preferred for licensing and other regulatory correspondence.

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Abs Absolute
ASP Accident sequence precursor (PRA term)
Acre-ft Acre-foot
AE Action Evaluation
AR Action Request
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
AL Administrative Letter (NRC)
ACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards
AVT All volatile treatment
AOT Allowed outage time
ARC Alternate repair criteria
Ac Alternating current
ACI American Concrete Institute
AIEE American Institute of Electrical Engineers
AISC American Institute of Steel Construction
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANEC American Nuclear Energy Council
ANI American Nuclear Insurers
ANS American Nuclear Society
API American Petroleum Institute
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASA American Standards Association
AWS American Welding Society
AWG American wire gauge
A/amp Ampere
A/cm2 Ampere per square centimeter
A-hr/amp-hr Ampere-hour
AM Amplitude modulation
A.m. Ante meridiem–before noon
ATWS Anticipated transient without scram
ATWT Anticipated transient without trip
Antilog/log-1 Antilogarithm
AVB Antivibration bar
ALARA As low as is reasonably achievable
As-built (adj or noun)
Atm Atmosphere
AEC Atomic Energy Commission
AIF Atomic Industrial Forum
At. no. Atomic number
At. % Atomic percent
ASLAB Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Board
ASLB Atomic Safety and Licensing Board
At. wt Atomic weight
AMSAC ATWS mitigation system actuation circuitry
AFR Audit Finding Report
AIT Augmented inspection team (NRC)
ANI Authorized Nuclear Inspector
ACI Autoclosure interlock
AB Auxiliary building
AFW Auxiliary feedwater
ASW Auxiliary saltwater
Avg Average
AO Axial offset
AOC Axial offset control

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