Acronyms used at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (DCPP)

The following alphabetical listing contains abbreviations, acronyms, compound words, technical symbols, and spelling preferred for licensing and other regulatory correspondence.

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calc calculation
CDFG California Department of Fish and Game
CDF California Department of Forestry
CDMG California Division of Mines and Geology
CPUC California Public Utilities Commission
CRWQCB California Regional Water Quality Control Board
cal calorie
CRT cathode-ray tube
CSAT caustic spray additive tank
C Celsius
cm centimeter(s)
cm/sec centimeters per second
CCRWQCB Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board
CCP centrifugal charging pump
C of C Certificate of Compliance
CMTR Certified Material Test Report
CTE change, test, or experiment
changeout (noun or adj), change out (verb)
CVCS chemical and volume control system
C&RP chemistry and radiation protection
cleanup (noun or adj), clean up (verb)
CCTV closed circuit television
closeout (noun or adj), close out (verb)
coastdown (noun or adj), coast down (verb)
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
coeff coefficient
cold leg
CLT cold leg thinning
CWF cold wall factor
CZP cold zero power
CCS commitment control system
CRGR Committee to Review Generic Requirements (NRC)
CCWS component cooling water system
CFW condensate and main feedwater
CST condensate storage tank
CFCU containment fan cooler unit
CHMS containment hydrogen monitoring system
CHPS containment hydrogen purge system
CSAS containment spray additive system
CSS containment spray system
CVI containment ventilation isolation
CVIS containment ventilation isolation system
CRDM control rod drive mechanism
CRDR control room design review
CRPS control room pressurization system
cooldown (noun or adj), cool down (verb)
CDF core damage frequency
COLR Core Operating Limits Report
CERP Corporate Emergency Response Plan
CIRC Corporate Incident Response Center
CCC Correspondence control center
CBLA cost beneficial licensing action
C coulomb
cpm counts per minute
CHF critical heat flux
cross flow
cross-section (adj), cross section (noun)
cc (or cm3) cubic centimeter
cfh (or ft3/hr) cubic feet per hour
cfm (or ft3/min) cubic feet per minute
cfs (or ft3/sec) cubic feet per second
cu ft (or ft3) cubic foot
cu in. (or in.3) cubic inch
cu m (or m3) cubic meter
cu mm (or mm3) cubic millimeter
cu yd (or yd3) cubic yard
Ci curie
cutoff (noun or adj), cut off (verb)
Hz or cps cycles per second

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