Acronyms used at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (DCPP)

The following alphabetical listing contains abbreviations, acronyms, compound words, technical symbols, and spelling preferred for licensing and other regulatory correspondence.

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dB decibel
Anddeg; or deg degree (plane angle)
DOF degree-of-freedom
Canddeg;;Canddeg; degrees Celsius; Celsius degrees (for temperature change or difference)
Fanddeg;;Fanddeg; degrees Fahrenheit; Fahrenheit degrees (for temperature change or difference)
K (anddeg; not used) degrees Kelvin (absolute)
Anddeg;R degrees Rankine
DOD Department of Defense
DOE Department of Energy
DER Department of Engineering Research
DHS Department of Health Services (California)
DPH Department of Public Health (county)
DOT Department of Transportation
DLAP Department-Level Administrative Procedure
DNB departure from nucleate boiling
DNBR departure from nucleate boiling ratio
DBA design basis accident
DBD design basis document
DBE design basis earthquake
DBM Design Basis Management
DBT design basis threat
DBV design basis vehicle
DCN design change notice
DCP design change package
DCR design change request
DCM Design Criteria Memorandum
DE design earthquake
DFE design flood event
dew point
DCISC Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee
DCL-98-XXX Diablo Canyon Letter
DCPP Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant
DCPRA Diablo Canyon probabilistic risk assessment
DET diagnostic evaluation team (NRC)
dia diameter
DEG diesel engine generator
DG or D/G diesel generator
DBW differential boron worth
DP or delta P differential pressure
DPV differing point of view (NRC)
DPO differing professional opinion (NRC)
DRPI digital rod position indicator
dc direct current
DR Discrepancy Report or Deviation Report
dpm disintegrations per minute
dps disintegrations per second
D.C. District of Columbia
DC District of Columbia (in address with zipcode)
DPR Division of Power Reactors (AEC)
DTC doppler temperature coefficient
DDE double design earthquake
DER double-ended rupture
down time
DES Draft Environmental Statement (NRC)
drawdown (noun or adj), draw down (verb)
DLF dynamic load factor
dyn dyne

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