Acronyms used at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (DCPP)

The following alphabetical listing contains abbreviations, acronyms, compound words, technical symbols, and spelling preferred for licensing and other regulatory correspondence.

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gal. gallon(s)
gpd gallons per day
gph gallons per hour
gpm gallons per minute
gps gallons per second
GTAW gas tungsten arc welding
G gauss (unit of magnetic flux density)
GDC general design criterion
GL Generic Letter
GSI generic safety issue
G giga- (10 9) (prefix)
GHz gigahertz
GW gigawatt
GWh gigawatt-hour
GV governor valve
g gram(s)
g-cal gram-calorie
gf gram-force
gmv gram-molecular volume
g/cm3 grams per cubic centimeter
g/L grams per liter
g gravity, acceleration of
GFFD gross failed fuel detector

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