Acronyms used at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (DCPP)

The following alphabetical listing contains abbreviations, acronyms, compound words, technical symbols, and spelling preferred for licensing and other regulatory correspondence.

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MT magnetic particle test
MCES main condenser evacuation system
MCB main control board
MFW main feedwater
MFWP main feedwater pump
MSIV main steam isolation valve
MSLB main steam line break
MSSS main steam supply system
makeup (noun, adj), make up (verb)
MAS Management Action System (PIMS)
mgr manager
mfg manufacturing
margin of safety
markup (noun), marked-up (adj)
max maximum
MPC maximum permissible concentration
Mx maxwell
MLLW mean lower low water
MSL mean sea level
M&TE measurement and test equipment
mech mechanical
MM Mechanical Maintenance
M mega- (106) (prefix)
MCi megacurie
Mc megacycle
MHz megahertz (megacycles per second)
MV megavolt
MVA megavolt-ampere
MW megawatt
MWd/kgU or MWD/KGU megawatt days per kilogram of uranium
MWd/mtU or MWD/MTU megawatt days per metric ton of uranium
MWe megawatt, electrical
MWh megawatt-hour
MWt megawatt, thermal
MOA memorandum of agreement (NRC)
m meter(s)
MKS meter-kilogram-second (system of units)
m/s meters per second
: micro- (10-6) (prefix)
:A microampere
:A microangstrom
:C microcoulomb
:Ci microcurie
:F microfarad
:g microgram
:H microhenry
:L microliter
:m micrometer
:mho micromho
:: micromicron (10-12 m)
:M or :mol micromole
: micron (10-6 m)
:s microsecond
:V microvolt
:W microwatt
MOL middle of life
mph miles per hour
m milli- (10-3) (prefix)
mA milliampere
mCi millicurie
mF millifarad
mg milligram(s)
mH millihenry
mL milliliter(s)
mm millimeter(s)
mmho millimho
MCM million circular mills
MeV million electron volts
MV million volts
mRem millirem
mR milliroentgen
ms millisecond
mV millivolt
mW milliwatt
min minimum
MCHFR minimum critical heat flux ratio
MCPR minimum critical power ratio
min minute(s)
misc miscellaneous
Mode l (Power Operation)
Mode 2 (Startup)
Mode 3 (Hot Standby)
Mode 4 (Hot Shutdown)
Mode 5 (Cold Shutdown)
Mode 6 (Refueling)
MELB moderate energy line break
MTC moderator temperature coefficient
MAAP Modular Accident Analysis Program
MSR moisture separator-reheater
mol wt molecular weight
MRS monitored retrievable storage
MFP Mothers for Peace
MCC motor control center
MG motor generator
MOV motor-operated valve
MPC multi-purpose canister

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