Acronyms used at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (DCPP)

The following alphabetical listing contains abbreviations, acronyms, compound words, technical symbols, and spelling preferred for licensing and other regulatory correspondence.

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SSE safe shutdown earthquake
SCP Safeguards Contingency Plan
SER Safety Evaluation Report
SFAS safety feature actuation system
SIF safety identification factor
SIS safety injection system
SPDS safety parameter display system
SRV safety relief valve
SV (safety)(solonoid)(stop) valve
SSFAR safety system functional audit and review
SSFI safety system functional inspection
SSOMI safety system outage modification inspection
sec second(s)
SLUR second level undervoltage relay
SECY Secretary (of NRC) papers
section (capitalize when specific)
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
SIR Security Incident Report
SSI security safeguards information
SAM seismic anchor movement
SISIP Seismically Induced Systems Interaction Program
SCBA self-contained breathing apparatus
SPPR Semiannual Plant Performance Review (NRC)
SMM senior management meeting (NRC)
SRO Senior Reactor Operator
SW service water
Severity Level I, II, III, IV, V violation
G shear modulus
SMAW shielded metal arc welding
SFM shift foreman
STA Shift Technical Advisor
short circuit
short-term (adj)
shutdown (noun or adj), shut down (verb)
SDM shutdown margin
shutoff (noun or adj), shut off (verb)
sic (so, thus)
S siemens (unit of conductance)
SOER Significant Operating Event Report (INPO)
sign-off (noun or adj), sign off (verb)
small bore
small-scale (adj)
SFPE Society of Fire Protection Engineers
SSI soil-structure interaction
sole-source (adj)
solid-state (adj)
SSPS solid-state protection system
SR Special Report
SWP Special Work Permit
sp gr specific gravity
SCN specification change notice
SA spectral acceleration
SFP spent fuel pool
SFPO Spent Fuel Project Office (NRC)
SAT spray additive tank
sq (or2 ) square
cm2 (or sq cm) square centimeter
ft2 (or sq ft) square foot
in.2 (or sq in.) square inch
km2 square kilometer
m2 square meter
m2 /s square meter per second
mm2 square millimeter
yd2 (or sq yd) square yard
SRSS square-root-of-the-sum-of-squares
Staff (use initial cap when referring to NRC)
SRM Staff Requirements Memorandum (NRC)
ss stainless steel
std standard
scf standard cubic feet
scfh standard cubic feet per hour
scfm standard cubic feet per minute
scfs standard cubic feet per second
std dev standard deviation
SOP standard operating procedure
SP Standard Practice
SRP Standard Review Plan
STS Standard Technical Specifications
STP standard temperature and pressure
SGTS standby gas treatment system
SU startup (noun or adj), start up (verb)
ES (also OES) State Office of Emergency Services
state-of-the-art (adj)
SBO station blackout
SPCS steam and power conversion system
SG or S/G steam generator
SGTR steam generator tube rupture
steam line
St stokes
SIF stress intensification factor
strike-slip (adj)
SEAOC Structural Engineering Association of California
SSPC Structural Steel Painting Council
SSC structures, systems, and components
sua sponte (voluntarily)
sub rosa (privately, in secret)
SMM subcooling margin monitor
SSER Supplement to SER
SAFR Supplier Audit Finding Report
SER Supplier Evaluation Report
supra id. supra idem (the same as above)
STP surveillance test procedure
SALP Systematic Assessment of Licensee Performance
SVT systems verification test

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