Acronyms used at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant (DCPP)

The following alphabetical listing contains abbreviations, acronyms, compound words, technical symbols, and spelling preferred for licensing and other regulatory correspondence.

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UHS ultimate heat sink
UHF ultrahigh frequency
UDRPS ultrasonic data recording and processing system
UT ultrasonic testing
uv ultraviolet
UL Underwriters Laboratory
UBC Uniform Building Code
UFC Uniform Fire Code
UPC Uniform Plumbing Code
UPS uninterruptible power system
URI unresolved item
USI unresolved safety issue
UEQ unreviewed environmental question
USQ unreviewed safety question
U uranium
USCGS U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
USCEA U.S. Council for Energy Awareness
USGS U.S. Geological Survey
VBS vehicle barrier systems
v velocity
VHF very high frequency
VLF very low frequency
VLPM vibration and loose parts monitor
viz. videlicet (namely)
V-notch (hardness test)
V volt
VAR volt amps reactive
V/m volt per meter
VA volt-ampere
Vac volts, alternating current
Vdc volts, direct current
vol volume
VCT volume control tank
vpm volume parts per million
vol % or v/o volume percent
v/v volume per volume

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